Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mourning Tea Party

In late October, I attended the DFWCG's Mourning Tea Party at The Chocolate Angel.
Their afternoon tea service is always so lovely. I definitely want to go back during the winter and try their seasonal teas.

I wish I had taken more photos of the Mourning memorabilia passed around by the speaker, and more photos in general (as is always the case it seems).

Unfortunately only managed to get one outfit shot (and forgot how to pose apparently).

- - -

Didn't stay too long and met up with Annette and Phi shortly afterwards to check out the newly opened Cafe Paris in Carrollton.

The photos I took don't do it any justice, the interior was awfully cute. They make all of their own pastries, unlike the surrounding cafes which just source everything that is prepackaged from Mozart across the street.

As you can see it's a two story cafe and it's really quite large! They even have private rooms.
We opted for their cheesecake waffle and some of their specialty iced coffees, both of which were extremely delicious.

In other news! I've been so, so very busy and luckily with a lot to show for it. I haven't drawn this much in a long time and while I haven't improved as much as I wanted I definitely see some improvement.

I finished this piece up last week, and am working on a few others this afternoon. Work and personal life have also been quite hectic, but I'm hoping it'll really slow down closer to the holidays this month.

Lately, I've been contemplating changing my hair style. x_x It's getting quite long which is what I was going for all year but... temptation!!! We'll see, I suppose.

x o x

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hot Pot Birthday ~

(some time earlier this month)

One of my dearest and oldest friends was in town so we all went out for her birthday! Ended up at hot pot! It feels like I hadn't been in forever and the weather was nice, too!

We went to the mall for some shopping a bit earlier, too. 

I had no idea what these things were, but apparently tsum tsums are a thing?! A game of some sort?
No matter, they were super cute. I purchased one for myself and a matching one for.... :0!

Photos we took inside of Sephora ~

Halloween puri with Alyson, Phi & Mar

Afterwards, we visited Mozart for birthday dessert (my phone died at this point orz).

Coordinate photo!
The whole point of left pic is to show my rings, ahahaha.. ;;

I haven't worn regular skirts in... years?! Probably not at all, now that I think about it. I really also want to like this wig but the color is so, so close to my skin that I think I'll.... probably end up giving it away or something.

Around that time, I also finished an illustration piece for a friend!

Go check out her YouTube! She has lots of cute tutorials.

As always, thanks for stopping bye
x o x

Friday, October 17, 2014

Back tracking for fun

You know, I thought that with dropbox, uploading and editing photos would be much quicker, but...!
I guess, even with the added convenience of not having to plug in my phone and manually download photos, I still procrastinate. OTL!!! So photos sit in my dropbox for the longest time....

Anyway! Slightly old-ish photos.

From when Mar, Natsuki and I went to Ramen Hakata and puri for lunch a few weeks ago :o!

And puri!
Oh my goodness, it is unbelievably hot inside of Cosplay and Charm, almost got a heatstroke from doing puri in such a small and poorly ventilated space x_x;; And their scans are so small/low-res. :( ...

The following day, Phi and I went to Tanoshii to have lunch, and stopped by a local coffee shop, too.
I found them on Facebook via someone's likes, but it's a really cute, small space! Method Caffeination and Fare advertised these lavender macarons that I had been wanting to try for the longest. Sadly, they were out that Sunday. I did, however, try their lavender coffee. Really strange but also very tasty.

My Chantilly order also arrived!

In the process of editing photos for these, but I'm really pleased with the designs. *__* That review will hopefully be up soon.

Trying to coord this dress;; Haven't really had a chance to wear this but it seems most of my friends have haha;;;

I've been torn lately between letting my hair grow out and actually getting a hair cut/dye job... decisions! I definitely want purple again, but I can't be arsed to at the moment. So we'll see.

Anyway, typing this up at work so cutting it short,
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ahoy, Inktober!

Trying to convince/inspire myself to draw more so that there will be some improvement lol... decided to join in on all of the October festivities, namely the popular #inktober!

I had really wanted to last year, but perhaps it was a time-related issue. Nevertheless, I'm trying to complete this challenge despite all of the other million projects I have going on at the moment.

Also, I figured it would be a good time to revive my old, old, old OCs.
At this point, I also realized I have maybe 6 pages (front/back) left in my sketchbook so.... trying to cram as many drawings on one page as I can while I'm at it is proving to be tough!

Below are days 1-8!

 Some miscellaneous October-themed sketches
 Aaaaand OC stuff

I'm not happy with a lot of these but hopefully I will be able to log some kind of improvement over the course of this month.

In other news, I recently purchased a head bow to go with my white OP *__*!!! Aaaaand finally made it over to the H-Mart in Plano! The Whole Foods by my work stopped receiving macarons from their normal supplier (???? and they are awful), so it's nice to know tasty and organic macs can be found elsewhere. This was at Tous les Jours. I tried the lavender-blueberry and respberry flavours. The former tastes too much like soap, but the latter is wonderful.

Thanks for reading ��

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Happy Birthday High Tea

This past 26th and 27th was Mar and our friend Natsuki's Birthday!
I'd never gone to high tea before, so this was really exciting/cute/ahhhh  o A o) We went to the French Lavendou Bistro. It was super cute inside!

Unfortunately, I was burning up with a fever the same day! TT
I couldn't really taste or smell anything until a few days after, so sad! We got there maybe like 2-3 minutes after the posted time and most of the treats were gone... haha;; We got to eat at H-Mart later that afternoon, though. Everyone went to karaoke/shopping after high tea until late.

Really wish I had been feeling well enough to grab a photo of everyone's beautiful coordinates! There were so many people (30-35?) that went.

Pretty much selfie hour after tea.

Annette, Phi and I stopped for purikura before changing and heading back to meet everyone else.

Got to dress Annette up for this meet as well!! hehe * 0 *
I wore my new Guilty Meltin Sweets Town JSK. You can't really see my tights but they had bows at the faux suspender area!

Most of my photos are blurry ahhh apologies in advance.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hello, September!

Where has the year gone...?! Work has really been eating my time and sanity (more than usual, might I add)! It's already this late in the year and it doesn't feel like I have accomplished what I wanted to.

And while other people are experiencing autumn-like weather, it's still a sunny 102° F!!!!  Honestly, my entire wardrobe is built for cold, dark, gloomy and harsh nights. Funny how I can't get rid of my awful farmer's tan when I'm wrapped head to toe most of the time. Remind me why I live here again.....

Some treats from last week! It feels like I am at Sweet Mix way too often these days- been helping Phi with a few things at her new place. :o) One of our clients surprised me with a Starbucks gift card, so sweet of her! ;3;) It's appreciative gestures such as this that help me tolerate all the other things ahhhh...;;;;;

We attended a birthday meet for our pal Emily recently. Why do I bother lugging my dSR around when I can't even be arsed to pull it out.... -_-) It wasn't really a formal meet so not everyone dressed up in the fashion.
So we went roller skating and after one round, I slipped and fell on my wrist. It's not broken, thankfully, but the pain has made work life about 10 times more painful l|l - -)

Lunch! I forget the name of the diner we went to, but our waitress was so excited it was adorable. Emily also baked treats for all of us-- how cute!

Later that night, I ended up meeting with Phi and Annette for ramen at Old Taro!
I think this was butter miso ramen? It was so good! There have been more and more ramen places popping up recently and that makes my inner Naruto very happy.

As it turns out, With Photo, the purikura shop, has officially closed its doors. I am terribly sad to see it go. A new shop, however, has purchased on of their machines so my purikura addiction will live on! For the interested, the shop is Cosplay n Charm in Richardson just north of Dallas.

I've bought a few things, but that will be in the next post (in the far off future).

That's all, thanks for reading!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

GotG Movie Meet

I've been very pressed for time in between con prep, personal projects, my aching back/hips (old age?!), my spoiled pup, and work. o_o)!! That being said, I get less and less sleep every night it seems.

Last weekend, Annette and I attended Mar's Guardians of the Galaxy movie meetup!

Coordinate! First time wearing out my BtSSB Twinkle Girl JSK.

JSK - BABY // blouse - bisoubisou // shoes - AN TAI NA
tights - handmade // accessories - XXI // purse - EVILIVE // wig - ebay 

I need new and much shorter wigs, it must have been 100+ degrees outside. _(:3 」∠)_
I've tried staying away from dark red lipstick for the longest, but sure enough it has now become my favorite shade.

Everyone looked darling!

Dressed up lovely Annette in the new AaTP JSK I ordered.
In the middle of striking some JoJo poses.
We went out to eat at a really nice Japanese restaurant up in Grapevine, too. I've never had such tasty Agedashi Tofu anywhere else, such a shame this is like 45 min+ drive for me _(:3 」∠)_ ....
(left and middle pictures unrelated!)

That's all for now, thanks for reading!