Gallery Viewing

My friend invited the local comm to her gallery viewing a few weeks ago. All the pieces were so lovely!

The amazing artist herself ~

 My coordinate for the day! Wearing one of my newer pieces. ^^

OP : ATELIER PIERROT // head wear : Angelic Pretty + offbrand
tights : Enchantlic Enchantilly // blouse : XXI // shoes : Matisse
I didn't get to take too many photos that day, and everyone dispersed pretty quickly after lunch.
No one is too tall to be kabedon'd apparently.
And after all the shenanigans we headed to Mozart.

I don't really remember what else we did that day but it seems most meets lately end up being an entire day affair. :o

Thank you for reading!


Denton Square

This post is so overdue, I'm almost embarrassed .. ;; 
So some time ago we had a small meet up in Denton.

Anyway, I think these photos are from a few months back and while I meant to update at the time, these thing never happen. Ahaha :D

Mar, Martha, and I had a sleep over and went out for breakfast that morning.

Went to a really cute restaurant for lunch and walked around the shops in the area!

Wearing my BTSSB Twinkly Girl JSK. I also helped my pal with her matching coordinate.
Sadly did not snap a photo of everyone's coordinates (surprise!).

After the festivities we drove over to Round 1 for purikura!! Everything is so far from each other since they took the purikura shop out of Carrollton :o( ... It's mostly awful because I never experienced harassment in Carrollton for dressing weird but because the arcade is in the mall you get all the plebs verbally assaulting you and being downright assholes.
Anyway, thanks for reading! I rarely update but hopefully that new computer + 8gb ram will help motivate me a bit more in the future.



Welcome Back!

Kate visited this past weekend to see GOT7 and we managed to hang out for a bit!

Before meeting up with Kate, we ended up up at Reverie; a vegan bakery in Richardson.
My new lenses arrived too-- they're huge and really vibrant!!

Cosmic Cafe!
This is my second time here and I love it. The place itself is so quirky-cute.
Her flight was in super late so we had dinner instead of lunch and took a few purikura.
It's been really hot/humid up until the past few days so I didn't really bother dressing up ;;
Mar met up with us at Round 1 later that night. They have this huge pickle plus-- it's cute and ugly at the same time ;; They recently got some initial D merchandise in the prizes section ahhh ... ( T AT)
- -
I managed to purchase a few things at XXI before the meet this weekend. They have a cute assortment of moon and star rings/necklaces! I'm also a sock fiend in need of new socks, and they had floral print so.... lashes arrived in the mail, too!

Work has been eating my soul. To top it off, I'm in a brace more often than not and it limits my range of motion and everything is uncomfortable. -_-) That being said, I haven't drawn as much lately (if at all even?!?!?!?!???? ???). 
My yearly sketchbook is less than 25% full and it's already May. =____=)

I was supposed to enter A-KON's tshirt contest but ended up with not enough time/motivation to follow through.

Anyway thanks for reading!



March was a busy month for me!
It was my younger sister's birthday, my other little sister's bridal shower and wedding, lots of work, and friends off for spring break...! ( ; ; )

So I ended up celebrating my birthday later in the month, and had high tea with a bunch of super lovely people. The theme was "Transylvania," a I'd wanted to do a Lucy inspired (Bram Stoker's Dracula) coordinate.
shoes I DIY'd for Annette, something close to an outfit photo, my new RHS

We ended up carpooling in Annette's car, and I left my dslr in my glove box....!!! OTL Sometimes I wonder why I even own the thing, seeing as I always forget to bring it with me. that said, I didn't get a proper outfit shot for everyone. And seeing as I was rushing in the morning, I forgot to get an outfit shot, myself. (It turns out we were 30 minutes early to tea due to some miscalculations.)

Received a golden trash can as a gift from Gabi qq
 photos with best pals!
And a few more photos ~
Got to dress up Annette again!

kabedon of some kind by Alyson :o)

I feel like we always end up at Round 1 for some reason or another after meets... and we took lots of purikura!

The security guard wanted our photos while we were waiting around for final evening plans.. And weird enough, he shows us a video of another lolita (from out comm) he video recorded on his phone. Not creepy at all?!?!??! And he took so many photos of her, too before she finally turned around. Jfc... (+  -_-)

All that aside, I had a really nice time. I don't normally do anything for my birthday so this was loads of fun.
dinner much later that night

I also recently ordered some ouji items from AaTP... extra excited about that!!
Enchantlic Enchantilly recently released some pieces I really want to get my hands on, so I'm hoping they have them at San Japan. ;;

I don't even like cats...........

And after a long ass time of being stuck/lost in customs, my purse arrived way too late for the coordinate I'd use it for.... ;; Of course, now I regret not getting a black ones as well. It's actually larger than I expected but the interior is really small/compartmentalized.
_ _ _
Something I finished for Jenny a while ago.
Still experiencing sever art block, so getting through commissions is taking longer than I expected.