Wednesday, April 16, 2014

~ * Wine Meet * ~

Not! Too! Long! Ago! (a few weeks ago orz) Mar and I attended a local Lolita Wine Meet. Very exciting and also thankfully very cold!! I was wearing wayyyy too many layers that day...!

Went for breakfast very early in the morning, but we were starving by noon. TT So we ran over to Starbucks for a quick bite before the whole thing.

Gave Mar a matching ring hehe
And lots of tasty wines! I can't handle any sort of alcohol, but these all tasted dandy! I'm more of a dessert/sparkling wine fan but it's something I really want to go back and try again.

outfit not very creative but I'm just starting out so l|l( ∫ -_-)∫
Horns & wig belong to Mar

Inside the winery! It was super pretty-- I've actually never been to a winery so this was a new experience for me.

It was cold so naturally nothing was growing yet which makes me want to go back in the summer/autumn.

Some of the girls in their beautiful coordinates!

I ended up going to the mall later that evening only to have one of my nails break (which then led to several breaking gdi ✚△✚ ). (~ *also pre wig selfie * ~)

Lately, I always feel really uninspired and unmotivated so haven't been drawing as much. And I've also been putting overtime in at work so I'm just really exhausted, but I hope to rework my layout and do an art post of sorts pretty soon.

Thank you for reading! xoxo

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Anime Matsuri 2014

This will mostly just be a huge photo post seeing as the entire experience was awful for me.
It's probably well known by now but the organization of AM14 was really one of the worst.

So I'll end it there.
On the plus side I got to meet some of my long time online friends and visit with old pals too.

only real outfit photo I got the entire weekend u_u

Mostly Lolita photos! Only managed to snap these because they all stopped by the table.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Karaoke Lolita Meet ☆

So a while back Mar held a Karaoke Lolita Meet!
It was my second meet attending all dressed up so that was pretty exciting!

We had a sleepover and grabbed dinner at Pei Wei. I hadn't been there in so long and they apparently changed the entire interior design of it?!???!?!? o_o (food is the same but I was really confused ahhhh)
(I always get the same gotdang thing)

We grabbed breakfast and got ready super early.... but it took us about 3 hours to get it all on! @_@

I didn't take a lot of photos at the actual event (because I left my dslr in the car) so I just have some of us.
Me and my babe! 

 Bodyline // BisouBisou // H&M // XXI

 Wearing the dress I bought from Mar along with her wig and headgear. She also made me a lovely rose & pearl chain hair pin!!! It's so beautiful *___*

(Shameless plug but!) If you're attending Anime Matsuri in Houston, Mar will be selling all of her beautiful accessories and wigs ~

We were inside of Mozart and at some point all get asked for a photo by what I am assuming to be the local Korean Newspaper (judging by the nature of the guys???).

In other news......... • ㉦ • I purchased my first brand dress and I'm super duper excited!!!

After Tea Party OP by Enchantlic Enchantilly
I also started putting together my black x gold coordinate for AM this weekend. Wearing my Rin Matsuoka wig because my hair was a mess but-- it's coming together nicely!

❤ Anyway, that's it and thanks for reading! ❤

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Animal Inside

Went to see the Animal Inside by Body Worlds exhibit with Annette a little while ago!
Finally got to visit the Perot after putting it off since it opened. (or rather too busy to go/always sold out to brats)

I'm horrible at explanations-- so I won't try to explain the process used to preserve the tissue. It was really awesome seeing these (although it made me feel a bit little sad). Read more about plastination here!

After museum got to see Phi for ramen over at Tanoshii!
Also discovered the PLAY store. :o
The little Rilakkumas to the left were light drawings I did at the Perot! We waited on so many kids to play with this *__*.....!

Meant to update this weeks and weeks ago but.... as always!

Thanks for reading ~

Friday, February 7, 2014

Gold Gets


It's been really cold here in Texas this week (can you believe that... hell has finally frozen over)! I'm not too crazy about driving in the snow or ice, but I'm finally putting this super heavy duty ZARA winter coat to use.

I haven't done a haul post in a really long time, so I'll be sharing a few purchases from this week!

Mar bought me the heart printed tights on the left they're so cute! And, of course, I have an unhealthy obsession with anything dot-printed........

H&M // XXI // XXI // H&M

And last but certainly not least....!
I'd been looking for some cute block heeled platforms with straps for the longest.... got these on sale over at ASOS for a good 20-something USD. Totally in love with them! ❤

I bought a few more things previous (boots ahhhh) that didn't make it to this post, but will be showcased next week or so.

Thanks for reading! ◉▽◉)ゝ✦

Monday, February 3, 2014

❤ All Things Lolita ❤

Been kind of a Lolita-obsessed kick these past few weeks. I blame it all on Mar after working on her Lolita commission.... *___*

So I just wanted to compile everything in one spot. I've really adored Lolita fashion for the longest time (10 years or so now) but always thought I couldn't pull it off. Decided that this year I'll finally indulge myself in what I couldn't bring myself to admit wanting to wear (ha).

I've only really worn it twice but ahhhh it is lovely and I've gotten a lot of positive feedback as well!

Anyway just a couple of things I worked on last week...

Drew this for the Valentine postcards that I sent to penpals and some lucky followers on instagram.

I didn't realize that the Bodyline Lolita design contest was so soon... In fact, I wasn't aware they were holding one but found out only after wanting to purchase some things the other day. I entered two designs! Hopefully I will be picked!?!?!?! ☀△☀)l|l wish me luck;; drawings below! (click for max size)

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

figured you out

I think I need to enroll in some sort of weekend art club or class to get the motivation going.
While I try to sketch everyday, I'm...still not motivated to go near my computer and create colorful things like in the past. : ( 

Could be that working in graphic design, having to be on the computer at work, just makes it that much less appealing to pursue during my free time. (I haven't spoken to many people who graphic design/draw for their work so not sure if it's isolated or if it happens to everyone.)

I've been getting into crafting lately which may or may not be a good idea (frivolous expenditures when I should be saving). My phone has been lagging terribly for the past couple of weeks and the iPhone 5s in white/gold is starting to look really appealing.... but! Have to wait, I suppose.

Thanks for reading ( -_-)!