Believe it or Not!

I meant to post the meet up stuff in order but..... as usual, that doesn't happen. Earlier in January.... (????) Onward ho! I went to Ripley's Believe It or Not & Palace of Wax for the first time with our local comm!

Museum of fear was my favorite!
Alyson, Annette & Tracy
found a photo booth in the refreshments area ~
BTSSB twinkle chiffon lame jsk in mint!
tights // blouse // jewelry : XXI
shoes : an tai na
Ended up skipping the comm dinner to grab some food at Cafe Crazil with Annette & Tracy! Met up with some of the other girls at Cafe Paris for coffee and dessert ~

In other news, I bought a new car earlier this month! Woo! I'm really happy, my previous car needed some expensive repairs, not to mention the mileage was terrible for how far I commute for work).



Happy Happy ~ ♬♬

Happy late Valentine's!

I'm trying to do this in order as I have a few (oldish) meetup posts to make... so, I'll break up the monotony for a bit ;;

Went out of town for a few days last weekend and got to meet up all day with my dearest friend...!
 Considering it was Valentine's Day, we actually got seated pretty quickly for dinner;;

She also gave me some early birthday presents ;_____; (thank you ♥)!!!! ignore my chipped nails

We ended up at this arcade/game store after dinner and they had the most pathetic Sanics aha ^ᴥ^

My boss ended up giving me the following Monday off, as the week prior had been extremely busy and awfully taxing. Which was great! Even though I worked on commissions all day, I really needed a break. (But of course all the work piled up in the time I was gone....)
Commission in question.

When I got back in to town, my Atelier Pierrot shipment was waiting for me at the office! I had actually never ordered directly from AP but it was surprisingly easy! They're currently doing a free shipping promo for orders over ¥20000 so naturally... I ended up buying something else this weekend.
So that is the one I purchased on the right, and a jsk I got in from Angelic Pretty a few weeks back. ☆
Ended up buying a new coat and a long shirt a few days before.... aaaand trying on the OP. I really need a new and much bigger petticoat ahhh

I also got this book in from Maria on Valentine's Day ;;;;; perfect ♥♥
And some stuff I got for myself a while back! Managed to nab AP's Dramatic Rose JSK (MY FAV!! T A T ) during their 50% off sale back during New Years, a dark brown twin tail wig, pearl crown necklace, and an adorable Lulu Guinness Purse! The bow detailing on the front is the best. I kept wanting to buy a black purse for Lolita, but most are so small and impractical -_-)
I've been sketching a little more than I was at the beginning of the year but not as much as I'd like. I'm always exhausted after work and end up leaving my supplies/sketchbooks in the car;; eep

This was a long post, thank you for reading!


ILD - Christmas Meet

I meant to post this waaaaay back around mid December, but (as usual) the holidays means stretching time as much as possible while trying to accomplish a million different things.

Onward ho!
On December 6th, our local comm held International Lolita Day at the North Pole Express in Grapevine.

There were so many girls that I didn't have the chance to take an outfit photo of everyone ;;
And coordinate for the day ~ wearing my Chantilly OP.

Overall, it was a lot of fun! We went on a train ride and walked around the square/shops a bit and had lunch at a nearby cafe.

It's a bit late but I hope everyone had a happy new years celebration!


Mini Tea Meet & Updates

This actually took place a few weeks ago (back during the Thanksgiving break), but I've been really unmotivated to do anything out side of work this past week!

A few of the girls and I gathered on Black Friday for a small lunch and some shopping.

Coordinate! Finally wearing the BTSSB head bow I purchased a very long time ago.
Apparently The Parks Mall in Arlington is opening a Japanese style arcade with various brand new purikura machines. It's a bit out of the way, but I cannot wait to check it out!

That aside....!
I was able to get one of my dream dresses!! Granted, the pink colorway was my first choice the mint is an extremely close second. Totally ecstatic!!! (!!!!!!!!) Pictured on the right is the cuff detail on a Forever21 blouse I got modified (golden buttons + lace hem).
*___* And my Phantom and The Maiden Grief OP finally arrived in the mail earlier this week. Review and problems on that later........
I also purchased a head bow to go with my mint dress but it's taking forever! Ultimately I want to get more mint dresses and hopefully some mint heels in the near future.

And! Because my old phone was finally on its last leg (somehow despite being fairly new)....
I purchased the Note 4! The main selling point was the stylus. I am absolutely crazy about being able to doodle on this thing, especially when I need to quickly get an idea across digitally.
On the left is my old phone, the Galaxy S3. Ebay sells these really cute glitter screen protectors for both android and iPhone for the curious.

That's all for now. I've been working on and off on our Christmas Meet Up photos which will take a few more days.

Thanks for reading!