A small get-away

A few weeks ago, I attended a local (ish? It was in TX lol) convention & visited one of my dearest friends,  Ly (youtube channel)! ^0^

Headed out early Friday morning and stopped in Austin for Ramen Tatsuya!
View from the hotel! The beds were perfect, I hadn't slept this good in ages T___T ....

I normally don't buy stuff at cons, but I'd been eying this Croconana since San Japan, so that's another stuffed toy off my list. ALSO!!!!! Finally got Happy Home Designer and it is the best thing... ever, probably. (says this about everything new aha;;)
 people ate the bottom of the escalators were waving ~
Saturday's lunch & dinner! A group of us went out to a really fancy restaurant downtown after the con.
...and dessert!
I also had the pleasure of meeting cosplayer Rosaviia!
Her Thranduil was sooo good omg ;;
cheki with Ly & Syd
Had no idea there was going to be a Lolita fashion show that Sunday so we missed most of it. I did manage to snap a (blurry) photo on my phone, though. I also got to low key cosplay that day too ~
(Saturday & Sunday) I also got to cosplay a bit! Ly and I went as Shuu & Kaneki ~
The last morning. (is that ominous sounding??? aha... ;;)
Wrapped up late afternoon on Sunday so we could head back home. The drive is roughly 6-7 hours depending on Austin & San Antonio traffic. Very late brunch at a nearby tea house- crepes and coffee!
AND Because ramen places seem to suck in Dallas, we stopped by the newer Tatsuya location for dinner ^0^ I'm only sad I couldn't stay longer! Vacations are still so difficult for me to take because of work but overall, I am happy that I got to make new friends/see old friends.

That wraps this up-- thanks for reading!


High Tea at The Adolphus - Mar's Birthday!

So! I had wanted to get around to posting this the week following, but we started remodeling the house, my room got moved across the hall, computer was put away for some time, etc.

But here it is! ( ○^▽^○ )

Not too long ago, we celebrated Mar's birthday at The Adolphus− a super ritzy ✦ hotel in downtown Dallas.
High tea was amazing and I definitely want to go back in a smaller group soon!

Photos! (from their website)

I'd only been twice; once for lunch and once during a stay whilst at Akon.
This place is lovely and photos absolutely do not do it justice.

Stole this photo of the group before tea from Tracy ~ ( thank you!! )

My coordinate! Very proud of the nail arrange I did. Went for a himekaji look. ♥
dress & headbow - BTSSB // bag - Betsey Johnson // all else is off brand

 With Mar & Grimy
And as usual did not manage to take a photo with everyone ^☖^ )☆ 
Outtakes! I got to dress up Alyson and she surprisingly matched so well with Ryo ♥
 And with all (most of) the girls!
They offered a fourth course: chocolate truffles. At this point I was too busy trying to drink as much tea as possible. I wish I'd taken better photos of every one of the girls, they all looked beautiful! 

Thank you for reading!

(I have about 3 more posts line up and ready to publish but did not want to spam. ;; )


San Japan 8 Bit!

Whooo! Actually posting on time for once! (kind of?!?!?) :D  I made this statement when I first started typing this up. Time has escaped from me since then.....

Roughly 3-4 weeks ago, I attended San Japan in SA with some friends. It was the first time I'd driven to one of these things alone, but it was a lot of fun! I left immediately after work on Thursday and arrived at my friend's place for the evening. Woke up the Friday at some ungodly hour and headed to the con.
Damien (hvyblk) and me on Friday morning lol (my skeleton form)
Let me just say this... I've driven around Dallas/Ft.Worth/Austin's downtown and none are anywhere near as wretched as San Antonio. Yikes! Never want to do that again.

Moving on... Our hotel check in was delayed for whatever reason, and still had to get ready for the tea party later that evening.
I didn't manage to take photos of/with everyone, sadly! :'( blurry outfit pic bc lighting was awful and we were on a time crunch.

sick alien backpack I need in my life and huge inflatable Baymax wtf
I think there were more DBZ cosplays than this but I was too slow to pull out my cam as they walked by. It is still my dream to cos Trunks some day QQ soon ;;
With friends!

So I even went out of my way to purchase a memory card for my dslr but left the damn thing at the hotel lmao....and proceeded to only take photos with my phone the entire weekend.

Saturday, Ly and I did Makoto and Haru cosplay! I haven't cosplayed since probably 2006 and I forgot how unbearable it is. (Granted that was VK cosplay which is probably 10 x worse than anything in this world...) Texas is really hot! I think during our stay, it must have been 106 or so, and I had the bright idea of walking to the convention center that day, too.... ahaha!  -_-)

At Mar's table... and inside the arcade. Believe it or not, I haven't seen a ParaParaParadise in about 9-10 years ;;

Sunday, I packed my stuff up early from the artist alley and just hung out with everyone.
On the way back to Dallas, my pal and I stopped in Austin for Ramen Tatsuya (the seemingly best ramen place in Texas because Dallas has no class apparently).

Loot! Most of these were gifts from Ly and Mar... fueling my Trunks obsession *_*

Matching stuff ~ and they're glittery, too!  
I feel like I may have purchased a few more things, but I've long since forgotten what it was and where I put it... 8D

Anyway, it seems I still can't catch up on my sleep after all of this.... ;;