Brand spankin' new!

I've been meaning to make this post for a while now but... time seems to escape me!
So my room has been re-floored repainted and remodeled (to a very minimal extent).
Still missing a bed frame and smaller mattress but I'm close!
IKEA is too far and the all of the bed frame boxes wouldn't fit in my car the time we went.
Walls went from white to a light & bright turquoise. Furniture and trimmings are going from black to all white.

Sadly very few (clean) photos of the before exist! :(
I'm most excited about the vanity which was built in to the shelf (designed by me ahhhh)! Moving on...

Photo time!

I realize I didn't take any photos of the right side where the closet it. In any case it's just a large sliding mirror with my built-in desk/shelf....!
I started decorating my desk area but ran out of string so can't hang any more instax! :^(
I've got some artwork from friends I need to put up as well but been way too busy.

That's all for now.
Thanks for reading ~


  1. Your room is lovely! I love the organized plushies and shoes... so much tidier than my room XD

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  2. Your room looks really good. Love the choice of flooring.

  3. I think your room turned out really lovely! Love the strings with photos. :3 And all that rilakkuma stuff there. q_q ♥

  4. I always love to look at room pictures and yours looks so organized and nice! And you have so many shoes, I am jealous haha (thought I wouldn't get the chance to wear all of my shoes if I had so many lol).
    The cheki corner looks like a really great idea, makes it look so vivid and alive~