figured you out

I think I need to enroll in some sort of weekend art club or class to get the motivation going.
While I try to sketch everyday, I'm...still not motivated to go near my computer and create colorful things like in the past. : ( 

Could be that working in graphic design, having to be on the computer at work, just makes it that much less appealing to pursue during my free time. (I haven't spoken to many people who graphic design/draw for their work so not sure if it's isolated or if it happens to everyone.)

I've been getting into crafting lately which may or may not be a good idea (frivolous expenditures when I should be saving). My phone has been lagging terribly for the past couple of weeks and the iPhone 5s in white/gold is starting to look really appealing.... but! Have to wait, I suppose.

Thanks for reading ( -_-)!


  1. dude no I totally get you. I am almost 100% certain that the reason I stopped drawing every day was because I made the switch to multimedia design. last semester now and I purposely took an illustration course JUST to force myself to draw. it's bad. I can't imagine what'll happen if I work in anything art-related.

    I think it's amazing you still take the time to at least sketch often. that's far better than flat-out nothing. c:

    1. thank you so much! T___T
      if anything it's imperative that I doodle a bit to keep me from getting rusty but it's just so difficult sometimes sigh
      good luck with your design classes!