❤ All Things Lolita ❤

Been kind of a Lolita-obsessed kick these past few weeks. I blame it all on Mar after working on her Lolita commission.... *___*

So I just wanted to compile everything in one spot. I've really adored Lolita fashion for the longest time (10 years or so now) but always thought I couldn't pull it off. Decided that this year I'll finally indulge myself in what I couldn't bring myself to admit wanting to wear (ha).

I've only really worn it twice but ahhhh it is lovely and I've gotten a lot of positive feedback as well!

Anyway just a couple of things I worked on last week...

Drew this for the Valentine postcards that I sent to penpals and some lucky followers on instagram.

I didn't realize that the Bodyline Lolita design contest was so soon... In fact, I wasn't aware they were holding one but found out only after wanting to purchase some things the other day. I entered two designs! Hopefully I will be picked!?!?!?! ☀△☀)l|l wish me luck;; drawings below! (click for max size)

Thanks for reading!


  1. You look absolutely divine!
    And the designs are really pretty.
    Especially the, I believe, circus theme(?).
    Good luck in the contest!

  2. Ahh, I didn't know you were into lolita fashion! I was into it when I was younger but now I also think I can't pull it off... But when I saw the dress from AP that you drew in the first picture, I was so so so so in love. But then the price for something you are going to wear like once or twice a year (TT)

    But wow, how can YOU think you cannot pull it off? You look so great and your hair and make-up and your whole aura fits the lolita (especially the monotone or rather dark kind) very well I think. You look stunning, really. Your hair-cut tops it off~

    Good luck with the contest, I hope you win!

    (Ahh thank you for making me want to get something from AP even more now... never going to wear that even D:)

  3. T___T ahhh! I love your art work so much! You are Mar are so cute ~ and you look amazing in lolita as well! Crosses, dark colors, and stuff suit you ~ <3 And the wigs are so nice! I really wish you would do iron on transfers or printed shirts with your designs! Or maybe tote bags or something ~! Definitely think about it <3 ^_^