~ * Wine Meet * ~

Not! Too! Long! Ago! (a few weeks ago orz) Mar and I attended a local Lolita Wine Meet. Very exciting and also thankfully very cold!! I was wearing wayyyy too many layers that day...!

Went for breakfast very early in the morning, but we were starving by noon. TT So we ran over to Starbucks for a quick bite before the whole thing.

Gave Mar a matching ring hehe
And lots of tasty wines! I can't handle any sort of alcohol, but these all tasted dandy! I'm more of a dessert/sparkling wine fan but it's something I really want to go back and try again.

outfit not very creative but I'm just starting out so l|l( ∫ -_-)∫
Horns & wig belong to Mar

Inside the winery! It was super pretty-- I've actually never been to a winery so this was a new experience for me.

It was cold so naturally nothing was growing yet which makes me want to go back in the summer/autumn.

Some of the girls in their beautiful coordinates!

I ended up going to the mall later that evening only to have one of my nails break (which then led to several breaking gdi ✚△✚ ). (~ *also pre wig selfie * ~)

Lately, I always feel really uninspired and unmotivated so haven't been drawing as much. And I've also been putting overtime in at work so I'm just really exhausted, but I hope to rework my layout and do an art post of sorts pretty soon.

Thank you for reading! xoxo


  1. I love your posts make them more often. I loved her wig, she's perfect. ♥

  2. I seriously love your co-ord! I'd love to attend an event like this it looks so much fun :3

    and I know the feeling, work = no time or motivation for much other than sleeping...

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

    1. Thank you, my dear!
      You should give it a try if they have some local communities in your area!!

      I've only been sleeping all day/night lately. ; o ; !! Hopefully we can both get over this

  3. Loving your cord and make up, flawless as always <333

  4. You looked so pretty with the wig and that horns. :3
    Also cool so see that you do such cool activities inside the lolita community. ^^

    1. Thank you, love!
      I've only recently joined, but I have missed some of the more fun things too ;o;