A-kon - kind of

Long time no see!
I intended to update much quicker than this, but I've been working on a few personal projects...!

As luck would have it, I didn't get a table at A-kon this year. :^( Thinking back, I don't ever buy a badge unless I get into the AA so it was weird to be there.
We only ended up stopping by for an hour or so and decided to have fun elsewhere.

I'm ashamed to say I only took these two photos while there....
This was so so so good I can't even begin to explain. Seems my Death Note fanaticism still hasn't died down (haha...)!
My friend Kelly's (middle) cosplay.

Cheki with pals!
We took lots of purikura too!
It turns out that the move to Valley View mall really affected the purikura shop so they will be closing! I'm so sad to see it go, we always went for special occasions and the shop owner is such a sweetheart!! If you happen to be in Dallas please drop by while you can.

Wearing my new dress Berceuse OP by Atelier Pierrot. 

I really fell in love with this dress, the length is perfect and it is so light/airy. ♥ For some reason, this wig photographed better than it is???? It's a taro color, but outside of photos is too close to my skin tone. (my never ending struggle with light wigs -_-) Will probably end up dying it a little darker this week.

We all also went out for hot pot on Sunday!

Also funny, a week or so prior a spider bit my cheek so my face was entirely swollen. Ugh, it was absolutely awful! My immune system/recovery is weak (and my skin is already in shit condition) so it has taken some time to properly heal. u_u

Thanks for reading!